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CVD Diamond for thermal management

One of many remarkable properties of diamond is its unsurpassed thermal conductivity. It exceeds that of copper by a factor of five. In contrast to metals, where heat is conducted by electrons, lattice vibrations are responsible for the high thermal conductivity of diamond.
The thermal conductivity of optical quality CVD diamond which made by our Laboratory through DC arc plasma jet approaches that of natural type IIa diamond, 1800W/mK. Thermal conductivity can be tailored within the range of 1000-1800 W/mK to enable matching cost/performance to the needs of the application.
Nowadays CVD diamond made by our Laboratory is used as mounts for high-power integrated circuits and laser diodes.
Tolerance of Thickness: ±25um
Flatness: <4um/cm
Thermal conductivity: Up to 1800 W/mK (1000 - 1500 W/mK typical)
Density: 3.5g/cm³
Young’s modulus: 1000-1100Gpa
Growth side surface finish: <100 nm Ra
Nucleation side surface finish: <30 nm Ra
Standard Sizes
Polished couples: Up to diameter 65 mm
Raw thickness: Between 0.3 mm and 1.5 mm
Polished thickness: Between 0.2 mm and 1.0 mm

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